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Frequently Asked Questions

How does AllBe1 connect to my mobile phone?

It connects with a BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) connection that is supported by iPhone 4 and up as well as various Android mobiles (LG G2 and up, Nexus 4 and up, Samsung Galaxy S4 and up, and many other devices)


What is the "extended range" mentioned in the campaign movie?

AllBe1 is a state of the art design. We have added a power amplifier to the BLE, so the AllBe1 responds significantly better than a regular BLE device.


Does AllBe1 include a camera?

No, it does not include a camera, but it has a "selfie" function where the button can operate your smartphone camera.

What is the battery operating time of AllBe1?

It depends on the user profile. With average usage you will need to charge it once every  month. AllBe1 charges with a regular micro USB connector. Charging time is about 1 hour.


Is AllBe1 waterproof?

It meets the IP-52 standard requirements. You can use it in the rain and take a shower with it but no swimming with it.

What is a PIR sensor?

PIR = Passive Infra-Red. It’s a sensor that can feel the IR wavelength emitted by the human body. AllBe1 contains a PIR sensor that can detect a human's presence if they are moving.


How many AllBe1's can I connect to my mobile phone at the same time?

Basically the BLE can support many devices connected at the same time. On the first release it will be able to support up to 5 units. We plan to upgrade it a few months later so  it will be able to connect to many more devices at the same time.


How many AllBe1 features can work at the same time?

I can works out several features on same time.


Does AllBe1 include a GPS receiver?

AllBe1 uses your Smartphone GPS to send your location.


What can I do with the smart  button on the AllBe1?

By pushing the button the AllBe1 will send an emergency SMS and your location and will call to a pre-set number. Sends GPS location to the selected contact person, shortcut to selected apps, a function of "Find my phone". Also enables your smart phone to take a "selfie" picture and perform covert recording with your phone.


How will I know when it is time to charge my AllBe1 capsule?

Your Smartphone will alert when the battery reaches 15% of capacity. In addition, there is a capacity bar on the phone.


With how many AllBe1 capsules can a Smartphone communicate?

Currently your Smartphone can handle 6 AlBe1s, we will upgrade it in future.


How can I contact you if I have a question?

You can always send any questions, comments, suggestions or feedback to Contact@allbe1.com. We will get back to you within one business day.


How do I pair my AllBe1 with my Smartphone?

Pairing will be done from within the AllBe1 app. + long press on the button. No need to set the Bluetooth menu on your phone. From within the Smartphone app, you will only be able to pair with AllBe1's that are very close to the phone. (About one foot or less). This will ensure that you pair with only your device and not with your neighbor's.


Does each AllBe1 have its unique ID?

Yes. Each AllBe1 has its own MAC address


Is what I see on the movie what I get?

Basically yes, but since we made the movie we have added new features such as taking "selfie" pictures, "Perform covert recording" and "don't forget a kid in the car". We canceled the fitness feature.

Can multiple phones on my site connect to an AllBe1 capsule?

You can pair the AllBe1 to many phones, and even see all the AllBe1s in range on the radar screen from many phones at the same time, but only one phone can control all the AllBe1s.  


Is there any interference with or from other people's AllBe1’s?

No. BLE protocol is designed to eliminate this issue. 


What happens if the AllBe1 triggered the alarm when I’m out of the AllBe1 range?

The AllBe1 will record the time that the alarm triggered and display on the app when you connect again to the AllBe1.

How can I choose the color of the AllBe1 and its accessories?

You can choose the color on the order form. We ship all 4 accessories as a kit.

Can I order accessories separately from the AllBe1?

Yes, Just choose from order list.

Can I order a bulk quantity?

Yes. just contact us for a price quote.

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