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About AllBe Solutions

We are a small group of geeks who love to develop new software and hardware in our spare time, crazy we know! After working in the private security sector for many years, we realised we felt it was time to take all our knowledge, and build the perfect personal security device, and that's exactly what we have been doing over the past year.


We invented AllBe1 in the shape of a small capsule, that replaces the clutter of all the tracking and security devices, to make people's lives simpler and safer.

Our team combines the brains of a Hardware developer, Software engineer, gifted designer and a brilliant marketing mind, each a leader in their own field of expertise who have been working in the security industry for a while now.

Together, we have accumulated enough knowledge to start our own venture! With AllBe1 we believe we can change the world of personal security and make it accessible to all.